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At Pink Hijabi, we make the hijabs you always wished you had
— or the ones you never knew were possible.

Driven by the Islamic principle of ihsaan (striving for perfection in all we do), we supply every hijab and accessory from with meticulous attention to quality, style and innovation — you won't find our products anywhere else. Each Hijab is a timeless piece we know you'll be excited to put on and feel comfortable and confident in all day, for years to come.

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Premium Plain Georgette

Discover the versatility of our Premium Plain Gorgettas. Whether it's a formal event or your everyday attire, these accessories effortlessly elevate your style with understated elegance.

Muna Satin

Step into elegance with our Muna Satin collection, where sophistication meets grace.

Muna Chiffon

Step into elegance with our Muna Chifon collection, where sophistication meets grace.

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"Discover elegance in every wrap with our Giftbox and Combo Deals on Hijabs. Elevate your style effortlessly with premium fabrics and intricate designs. Perfect for any occasion, our combos offer unbeatable value and versatility. Embrace grace and beauty with our curated collections."

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Hijab Combo

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Hijab Accessories Combo

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Hijab Starter Pack

Checkout our Hijab Starter Pack

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Little Magnet, Big Impact

Finally, hijab magnets strong enough to actually replace pins! We fused all the function and security of a traditional safety pin with the convenience of an ultra-strong magnet that won't snag even the most delicate fabrics. The perfect gift for a friend — or for yourself.

Scrunchies For All

The resurgence of scrunchies in today's fashion scene speaks to their timeless appeal and versatility. Once considered a relic of the past, these fabric-covered hair accessories have made a stylish comeback, captivating both nostalgic enthusiasts and trend-conscious consumers. With an array of colors, patterns, and fabrics to choose from, scrunchies effortlessly add a playful yet sophisticated touch to any ensemble. Their gentle hold and hair-friendly design have made them a favorite among those seeking comfort and style, cementing their status as a staple accessory for individuals of all ages.

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